Floral Bones tattoo

I love tattoos and body mods. I have a number myself, and I’m literally counting the days until I get my next tattoo. I was ecstatic when Tabitha asked me to do this drawing for her, and if she could get it as a piece of permanent body art.

blue ink tattoo design

The main motif she asked for was wildflowers, and boy was that a challenge! I don’t draw too many of those, but I was willing to give it a go. Thankfully for me, she also likes skulls and deer sheds which totally fits with the oddities and curiosities I like to draw anyways! Finding a way to fit them all together was the fun bit, and I went through lots of sketches before I found one I liked.

floral bones tattoo blue ink drawing
floral bones tattoo work in process

Challenges only spur creativity, right? Once we decided on a layout we liked, I jumped right into drawing. I went with an old textbook illustration feel, and threw in some falling petals as accents. This was the first big piece I drew with my new Lamy fountain pen *drools over art supplies*

Floral bones tattoo

I thought it looked good as a drawing, but I’m stunned at the tattoo! I’m so honored to be a part of Tabitha's creative expression, and hope she looks on it fondly for a long time to come.

Have an artful day!

-Aisling M.